Pacifica Wellness

Pacifica Wellness offers a warm and friendly environment.

Dr. Tim has created a dynamic, sociable and interactive Wellness Center - not a Doctor’s office and nothing like a fitness club.We offer Health, Nutrition & Fitness programs that are above and beyond the traditional concepts;


  • Take a pro active role in your well being
  • Take a pro active role in your health.
  • Team up with Pacifica Wellness.

When you partner with Pacifica Wellness, you make a commitment to yourself. You commit to becoming the absolute best that you can be. You commit to maximizing your potential through optimum health and physical well-being. Pacifica Wellness provides every individual the opportunity for total wellness through fitness, nutrition, and essential healing modalities. We build people from the inside out. We tailor specific programs to meet the very specific needs and goals of each individual. Our interactive approach includes total body fitness programs, rejuvenation therapies, reparative and regenerative nutrition, and, a true state of optimum health & well being with our modern application of Doctor as Healer.

The entire Pacifica Wellness staff is committed in a specific role of the individual’s care, reflecting the complete circle of total Wellness that is represented in our emblem. Our emblem reflects our philosophy, which begins with more than 5,000 years of wisdom and continues into the 21st Century of cutting edge science and technology. The five essential elements of fire, wood, water, metal, and earth in Chinese medicine reflect the completeness, harmony or wellness, of all things. At Pacifica Wellness, we embrace all modalities to bring you to a higher state of well being.

Pacifica Wellness is the portal for positive change. We take pride in bringing the individual to the next level. Step into our circle. Once you make this vital commitment to yourself, we can make the commitment to you.

Best of Health, Dr. Tim

The motto at Pacifica Wellness: NO EXCUSES ONLY SUCCESS!!