Dr. Tim Bio

Dr. TimDr. Tim Ramirez represents the future of health and fitness with his unorthodox union of physical medicine, fitness and lifestyle nutrition. Dr. Ramirez has introduced a holistic approach to optimal well being that incorporates a physical medicine triad to create a balance of fitness, therapy and nutrition that stimulates the individual's metabolic, physical and intellectual properties.

Dr. Ramirez' innovative exercise routines are anything but routine. These exercises incorporate and utilize multiple muscle groups in a dynamic, exciting and fun way so that the body can experience it's optimal level of strength, balance and flexibility. It is a new way to exercise that provides a higher performing, longer lasting, more functional body giving each participant a better quality of life. Therapeutically, Dr. Ramirez adopts a philosophy combining Eastern and Western Medicine, taking the best of both worlds to benefit his patients. He believes that being a doctor is about taking care of people without interference from ego, insurance companies, or antiquated protocols.

Dr. Ramirez' techniques embody the best of fitness legends Jack LaLanne, self help guru Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil. A pioneer in changing the awareness of each individual's wellness potential and raising the standards of personal goal setting and expectations, Dr. Ramirez is giving each person a complete and successful recipe to achieve a balanced lifestyle and reach their personal, optimal well being.

Representing the future of health and fitness, Dr. Ramirez is a renowned total health and wellness expert utilizing a unique brand of integrated physical medicine, who is known for taking his clients to the portal of their optimal well being. His goals are to develop and implement new forms of functional fitness that incorporate performance and aesthetic results, which is considered a breakthrough approach in total body fitness and health. These innovative programs utilize the body in ways never done before, combining his personalized methodologies and science for optimal results. The future of health and fitness lies within these elements and Dr. Tim Ramirez is at the forefront of this movement.

Nutritionally, Dr. Ramirez emphasizes balance, moderation and simplicity. He empowers people to make better choices, giving independence from confusing marketing that manipulates them into obesity. Dr. Ramirez teaches a nutritional lifestyle that is realizable and healthy with successful strategies for grocery shopping and dining out. In addition, he has developed other signature diet options, such as The Tight Jeans Diet, The 30 Day Program, as well as his personally selected nutritional products.

Dr. Ramirez is the founder of the Lemon Cleanse Diet (LemonCleanse.com), now available in bottled tincture form, which simplifies the well known classic. He has extended the Lemon Cleanse into the 4 Seasons of Cleanse by introducing a different variety for each season, including the popular Watermelon Cleanse, the Pomegranate Cleanse, and the Berry Cleanse. These are scientifically sound, effective solutions for safer, socially acceptable cleansing with excellent success rates.

Dr. Ramirez founded Pacifica Wellness in 1999, with the idea that health and fitness should be enjoyable and easy to incorporate into everyone's lifestyle. His programs offer safe, simple, balanced and easily implemented solutions to healthy lifestyles. His patient and client base consists of top professional athletes, actors, musicians, and corporate executives.

Dr. Ramirez has spearheaded several corporate wellness programs in Southern California, including Callaway in Carlsbad, St John’s Knits in Irvine, and is currently consulting with the Polo Square project in La Quinta and Taheima Wellness Resort in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico.

Graduating from the University of California at Irvine, Dr. Ramirez is a member of the International Sports Science Association, The American College of Sports Medicine, The American Medical Association, The International Chiropractic Association, The Chiropractic Sports Physician Association, and the California Chiropractic Association.

A lifetime dedicated to education, experience and innovation are the seeds of Dr. Ramirez' success. He is currently practicing in Southern California.