Lemon Cleanse -- It's Here!


After months of delays, the Lemon Cleanse arrived at Pacifica Wellness this week! Sop by and pick up your bottles today.

 The Lemon Cleanse is not just a cleanse…it is a unique blend of ingredients that work wonders.  The Lemon Cleanse is a natural, simple, refreshing beverage that is designed to eliminate toxins from the body.

It restores the body’s natural state, and allows it to operate in an environment free of additives, preservatives and processed ingredients. The Cleanse will help to fortify the digestive system, stimulate the immune system, detoxify the organs, and purify the body.

Do not confuse my Lemon Cleanse with the original formula developed by Stanley Burroughs that called for a 30-, 40- or even 50-day continuous cleanse. My simpler formula using my specially formulated tinctures brings an element of youth, energy and vitality to the Lemon Cleanse and is an important part of your wellness forecast.

The Lemon Cleanse is an excellent way of breaking down this pattern and returning you to a balanced mode of eating.  Once on the lemon cleanse for two, or five, or seven days, you will have reset your body, so that you do not have the cravings you used to have. 

To make a Lemon Clease:

30 drops of Concentrated Lemon Tincture.

Lemon helps food move through the stomach, it's a natural antacid because it helps the stomach's natural bicarbonate work.  It also loosens and breaks up excessive mucous in the body.  

30 drops of Concentrated Cayenne Pepper Tincture

Cayenne pepper warms and improves blood flow to the hands, feet and the internal organs. It also relieves gas and colic. Cayenne pepper stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, also breaks up mucous, and acts as a cleanser of the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems.  It is widely used by herbalists for a wide range of problems.

30 drops of Concentrated Flax Tincture

There is so much evidence that omega3 fatty acids are so beneficial to our health, that I add high quality flax seed oil into the cleanse.

Add all three tinctures to 10 to 14 ouces of fresh spring or bottled water (warm or slightly hot if you can stand it, but cold is OK). DO NOT substitute any of the ingredients. Each ingredient has its special properties and cannot be replaced.

What Does the Lemon Cleanse Do?

It dissolves and eliminates toxic elements from the body. It clears congestion that has formed over time. This is by large its most wonderful and amazing benefit, and why everyone reports a feeling of exhilaration and lightness after being on the lemon cleanse. It cleanses the kidneys and the digestive system. While on the Lemon Cleanse, your digestive system will not do much work and you will be able to let it rest, giving your body a real energy boost.

The Lemon Cleanse purifies the glands and cells throughout the body.  It literally gives your cells a rejuvenating bath. It eliminates unusable waste from your body.  This could be waste that has been there for an untold amount of time.  When we eliminate, not all waste is excreted, and over time, this waste can build up and possibly cause disease.

It is a youthful rejuvenator that will benefit every part of your body, and health.  As you are cleansing, there is the wonderful added benefit of weight loss.  As you are releasing toxins, and clearing out the digestive tract, relieving your body of excess calories at the same time, you will lose weight while creating a healthier more vital body.